Werewolf Spell 2 (Not Tested) READ DESCRIPTION-000:29

Werewolf Spell 2 (Not Tested) READ DESCRIPTION-0

This is a spell that will make you a werewolf (part wolf). This is from my YouTube channel.

You will be able to shift after time and practice. You will gain control of your shifts after your first few shifts. You should dream of your wolf form the the next time you go to sleep after saying the spell. The side effects will probably not come right after you say the spell, so be patient. VERY IMPORTANT: Don't stay in a shift too long! If you are a beginner, stay in your wolf form for less then a hour. If you are advanced, then you may be able to stay in your wolf form for at least a week or so. If you stay in a shift too long, then you could be stuck in your animal form forever. (This doesn't just happen to werewolves, this happens to other shifters too!) This is known as PNR (point of no return). Be careful, shifters!

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