Therians- Be proud by moonrays138
Therians are people that feel like they are an animal (not physically) that exists, or has existed. Spirit animals have nothing to do with therians, but some people are not aware of this. Many therians have mental shifts and phantom shifts. Therians do not physically shift. Most therians think that physically shifting is impossible.

Types Of Therians

There are many types of therians. Some believe that they can shift into one animal. Some even believe that they don't shift at all! Here are the definitions of a couple of therians.

Standard Therian

The most common type of therian. Someone who shifts into only one animal.


Someone who believes that they can shift into more than one animal.


Animals that shift into other animals or humans, they experience many of the same things we do, and can be polytherians, or nonshifting Therians themselves.

Nonshifting Therian

A therian that does not shift at all.


Someone who believes that they are constantly shifted.


Generally, people begin to notice their therio-type around the ages 10-16. But your therio-type can reveal itself at any age. Many children do act like animals at a young age, but if you have a child that is behaving this way more seriously and frequently than others the child may be a therian. Some people go into denial when they realize the behavior changes, and others are told to stop. One person can go throughout their whole life without admitting about this animalistic side because he or she denies it, or is told that it is not true.

Am I A Therian?

Having strong dreams, visions, emotions, thoughts, and behavior that link you to an animal are common signals that most therians claim to notice in the beginning of their discovery. I can’t tell you exactly because everyone experiences their therio-type in different ways. This is something you will have to really put some thought into and spend time putting the puzzle pieces together.