NOTE: You have to read through all of the notes before reading any further.

NOTE (2): This is not an avian-only group, other types of mythicals can join this group as well.

NOTE (3): Not much information can be revealed about them (like their missions, locations, etc.) because an Hunter might read it and I don't want to be responsible for endangering the group.

NOTE (4): If you join, try to keep it a secret from your parents.


The X Wings are a group of supernaturals that save mythicals from hunters and groups like AWTOK.

What will I do if I join the X Wings?

If you join the X Wings, you will have to report any and ALL hunter activity in your area, do the training exercises that will be emailed to you, protect mythicals from hunters, fight the hunters, and go to the mission's locations if possible.

If you want to join

Read about them first and then go on this page and PM the leader:


Go here and sign up: