This is the first spell I made myself on here. Feel free to post it elsewhere. :3

Things you'll Need

night time

A voice



The Spell

Cat Gods and Goddesses, hear me now.

I want the ears and tail of an animal that says meow.

(Due date, must be above 30 days) is the date I'll get these, and I also want pointy, sharp, teeth.

By the power of 3, So let it be.

(Say the spell 3 times)

Hiding your animal parts

To hide the ears: you could either tease your hair to the point where it hides your ears, wear a hat, or wear a hoodie.

To hide your tail: you could wrap it around your waist, wear long pants and have your tail down one leg hole, or wear a kinda long, baggy hoodie and keep your tail hidden in there.

Side Effects

  • Craving Fish and / or Milk.
  • Saying Nya more often
  • Wanting to take naps more often.
  • Itchiness / Tightness in The place where your cat ears will be on your head and where your tail will be on you.
  • (It does not have to be a full moon, but spells always work best if it is a full moon or waxing moon)