Shifting spells are spells that supposedly make you shift into another form or creature. Most people do not believe in these types of spells, but some do. The origins of these spells are unknown.

An example of a shifting spell:

"Tiger, tiger in the trees,Please your spirit enter me.
Make me change into you.
Orange, black, and white, running
Through the trees. Give me the
Ability to change from human to
Strong and powerful, with sharp
Pointy teeth. This is my wish.
So Mote It Be."

Many of the people who make these types of spells says that there are side effects that you get after you say the spell. However, many of the people that disbelieve in these spells says that the reason that people think that they are getting side effects is because they are making themselves believe that they are having side effects.

Types Of Shifting Spells Edit

There are many types of shifting spells. Here are a few examples of some shifting spells.

-Catgirl/Catboy Spells

-Mermaid/Mermen Spells

-Angel Spells

-Werewolf Spells

-Wing Spells

-Animal Ears And Tails Spells

-Vampire Spells