OtherKin Pride- Believe in yourself by moonrays138
Otherkin are people who believe that they are not, or not entirely human. Most otherkin believe that they are mentally or spiritually non-human. This is explained by some members of the otherkin community as possible through reincarnation, having a nonhuman soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor.

Don't Know If You Are Otherkin?

You will most likely not know if you are otherkin or not at first. It takes a lot of research and looking into yourself. Sometimes it could take up to months or even years while trying to to find out if you are otherkin, so definatly take your time. While you are trying to find out if you are otherkin, asking yourself questions about yourself can be helpful. Ask questions about how you feel and who you are. Do not lie to yourself, though.

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