To avoid Hunters or other hostile people and mythicals, you must learn how to defend yourself, or have an array of offensive skills at your disposal. Some are easily done, utilitarian, or need a catalyst.

Crystal Offense Edit

Gems are very useful catalysts in which restore your energy automatically, and aid in certain qualities.


Quartz crystals that are pointed are energy "lightning rods". They can store energy with ease, but they also can do some mental damage to the person, or to their aura. The easiest way is to aim for their chakras, hands or feet. The target may feel a burning, chilling, or wind-like feeling as you drill through, pushing your energy forwards into their bodies to do very weak damage.

Manipulations Edit

Having the ability to manipulate an element, state of matter or anything can be helpful. The easiest things can be done with pure energy. Technically there are three types of energy that effect the three main aspect of a person. Spiritual, Mental, and Physical.

Spiritually assaulting someone is one of the easiest things to do, since it is the most afflicted state of a person's health.

Energy Ball-A ball made of energy that is shelled (Has energy around it to keep it in), and is able to do many effects to people. Simply hold out your hands, and feel energy flowing into them, creating a sphere about the size of a softball. Then, put in other kinds of energy. Pain, suffering, malice, bad luck, things like that. Then, throw it at a person, watching the energy go into them, affecting their mind, body or spirit.