Neko Cat Spell00:29

Neko Cat Spell


The things you need

1. A bowl or cup of any kind of milk

2. An Undisturbed area

The Spell

Meditate for 5-10 minutes, then say the following spell:

Gods and Goddeses of cats, Grant my wish to be; To be a Neko Cat. Make my ears (chosen color) And my tail (chosen color). Make it so I can hide my ears and also my tail, away from humans.

After you say the spell, drink the milk while imagining your Neko self.

For better results, believe in the spell a whole lot. ~ Anonymous

Side Effects

1. Aching where ears and tail will be
2. Craving for milk and or fish
3. Wanting to sleep/Feeling tired
4. Running up stairs like a cat
5. Purring/Meowing/Hissing subconsciously


The spell isn't mine, I found it on YouTube. Credit goes to the original creator.


Good luck to those who are trying to become Nekos, Nyan~!

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