Mermaid Spell !! Only Works If You Truly Believe !!

Mermaid Spell !! Only Works If You Truly Believe !!



This is not my spell! All credit for the spell goes to its creator.


1. This spell will only work if you believe.

2. You must follow EVERY step otherwise something may go wrong and you might end up being something other than a mermaid.

What you Need

1. A glass/cup.

2. Water.

3. Salt/Sea Salt (either one works).

4. A necklace/bracelet (Do not choose earrings or anklets, only necklaces or bracelets).

5. A friend you can trust to help you when you're about to pop your tail to get you out of sight.

6. Choose a favorite color (you'll find out why, later on).

The Spell

First, get your glass and fill it with water then dump the salt /sea salt in. Then put your hand in the salty water and say "(your favorite color) oceans, (your favorite color) waters...but no (your favorite color) tails. That is my wish, let it come true. I beg of you. King Triton, fellow mermaids, I would love to join you. Give me this wish, dream, desire. Wish, dream, desire." Then put on your necklace / bracelet and in 1 week from now, you will join us fellow mermaids.

Side Effects

  • Crossing your legs a lot.

  • Craving salt.

  • Getting sick often.