So I just showed my bestie this website, I showed her what you can shift into too. Now she wants to be a Kitsune! I am on my way to becoming a Neko. Yes, the problem we're getting to it. There are no Kitsune spells.

  1. get a cup of water/milk *any type of milk, strawberry milk exc.*
  2. This is done on a full moon or new moon
  3. you can shift into a fox when you are amateur at controlling your ears and tail
  4. don't stay in the shift for too long, you could be a fox forever
  5. avoid hunters at all costs sport,supernatural,and for food
  6. if you get agitated or feel the need to defend yourself, the tail, ears, and teeth come out
  7. if you are lucky you might get have telekinetic powers over green plants
  8. say "Guardians of the forests and creatures, hear my plea I do not want to howl or meow, i wish to bark and yap, a tail of (color) is what i choose and two (color) ears, i wish to connect with the forest air,water,fire, and earth, I wish to be a fox, hear my plea a color of (color), I wish to be able to shift to fox form, then return to my tail and ears of (color*s*)"
  9. so here is the spell it might not work, and i can't figure out how to close this numbered list!

Side Affects: People are attracted to you

you are more fond to being outside


tail bone hurts

random power spurts (that means that your powers can be uncontrollable due to emotions)