Kemonomimis are people with animal ears and a tail (Or in some cases, one or the other). Generally speaking, they also have some form of animal traits as well. Such as diet, personality, abilities and actions. Along with what subspecies they are; the animal traits they have will affect how other animals think. IE; The Usagi will have rabbits and other herbivores approach them, while predators are more likely to attack.


Nekos are those with cat ears and a cat tail. They are usually quite agile, and are able to out-maneuver those who are faced with physical obstacles. Usually they're considerably hard to catch, especially if they are being chased. Some Nekos are able to manipulate luck, and outcome of events. Their diet consist of various meats and milk.

Alternate names: Catgirls/Catboys, Nekomusume[1], and Neko Girls/Neko Boys[2]

Subspecies; Bakeneko-A Neko that is able to shapeshift into a cat form, and is more prone to have Psychic Vampirism.


Usagis are people who have rabbit ears and a rabbit tail. Along with the Neko, they are usually very fast within short bursts of speed, and are able to jump higher than normal. Their diet consists of fruits and vegetables.



Those who have fox tails and ears, and potentially are able to shift more as they grow older. A natural ability of the Kitsune is that it is able to be hidden or undetected by many, very useful if they are in crowds. Kitsunes will usually be able to manipulate fire, light/darkness, and tend to be tricksters, however very intelligent. Their diet is mainly meat, but they will also enjoy grains such as bread and rice more than some, along with fruit.

Tengu (Wolf Tengu)

Tengu (wolf) are those who have the tail and ears of a wolf. The Tengu can be quite aggressive when being attacked or fighting; usually for what they stand for is right, or for specific people. They are generally hard to take down due to their fortitude being stronger, especially against the cold or generic attacks. Their diet consists of different meats.


The Japanese dog-spirit that protects the house. It is able to possess others, and are strictly dogs. They are familiars (Servants) to those who made them an Inugami, usually to fulfill nefarious deeds such as murder.


Humans with the ears and tail of a panda. They mainly eat vegetables.

Panda girl by bonbonmui-d6lk98d


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