In general, defensive skills are quite needed for your arsenal against hunters. Basic defenses can be done, but also some mythicals come with their own.

Shield Basics Edit

To hold your own shield up is to be able to block energy from getting to you. Not many will be able to block physical harm. The "Fountain" is an easy way to make a thin shield.


The Fountain Edit

A basic shield making method that requires you to sit down, and be calm. Project energy through your head, flowing down onto your body like a fountain, the drops of energy hardening slightly and creating a thin shield that blocks other energy from getting through. It is weak, but it is better than no shield.

Physical Techniques Edit

Most shields will not block you from physical harm. You should know some techniques to defend yourself physically in case your mental shields are not enough.

Defensive Flight Edit

If you are being overwhelmed and want to run, look at your surroundings. Either use a shield or distract the enemy, then sprint to the nearest hiding place. There, you can refresh your shield safely or try to change your appearance. If they find you, use a surprise attack and run to the next place.