Quick info and rulesEdit

0. This page is for mostly fan art. Cosplay pics and memes are also acceptable

1. No pornographic material. However, bikinis are allowed

2. No Insides showing(heart,guts,kidneys,etc.).However, A few blood splatters on the Cat girl's and Yandere catgirls are allowed.

3. Contribute as much as you can or want.

4. No hateful pictures.

5. Keep swearing to a minimum.

6. If you want to draw a sick / hurt Catgirl being nursed back to health by another person, that's ok.

7 (applies to rules 0,6,5,1,and 2). Post the picture on my message wall. In the what's this about box, title it something along the lines of permission or is this ok? i'll look at it and it might go up there.

8. This page is not limited to just Catgirls, you can post pictures of other things too.

The art GalleryEdit